Signs You Need New Tires

Low Tread Depth

The rubber on your tires has been worn down and you are at risk of a tire blowout. Most states require you to have at least 2/32” of tread. You can find more information about tread depth here.

Dry Rot

The rubber in your tires does not contain the moisture that it once did. This often occurs due to storage conditions, excess exposure to the sun, natural aging of the rubber, and other environmental factors. You can see what dry rot looks like in the photo.

Tread Separation

This is one of the most common types of tire failures. This occurs when the tire tread separates from the rest of the tire. You can sometimes spot early signs of this by looking for a wavy pattern in your treads – this is a sign that tread separation has begun.


There are many issues that can cause your car or truck to vibrate. Potential causes that can result in this type of problem include: suspension, alignment, and tire-related issues. If your car is vibrating while you drive, this can sometimes be a sign of tire damage or poor tire balancing, and you should have your tires & vehicle inspected.


This is an obvious sign that you are going to need a tire repair or a new tire. If you spot a nail sticking into your tire, it is best to take your car to a service center where they can repair or replace the tire.

Slow Leaks

If your tire is slowly leaking air, you should get the tire repaired or replaced immediately. It may be tempting to drive with a tire that is slowly leaking air, but it will begin to leak faster and faster in the coming weeks, and eventually the tire can fail. Deal with leaking tires quickly!

Bulges, Blisters, And Bubbles

Any of these abnormalities should be addressed. These problems will usually result from aging, weakening of the rubber, or failure of some of the internal elements of your tire.