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Our standards are higher than most car dealerships, we offer Wheel and Tire Mounting and Balancing for wheel sizes ranging from 13" to 34" . We use only the best equipment to ensure your wheels and tires are mounted and balanced correctly with no damage! We have state of the art equipment and we guarantee the cleanest Tire shop you will ever find. 

We have the Hunter Auto34 tire machine; Standard tire changing machines are mechanically intrusive & often damage expensive wheels & tires. Our Auto34 system is an entirely lever-less machine, virtually eliminating wheel & tire damage, you can trust that your factory alloys & carbon fiber wheels will remain at their best. Our Hunter RoadForce GSP9700 Balance machine, not only spin balances wheel and tire assembly's, it also tests Road Force and can be identify problem area's with wheels and tires, such as bends and bubbles.



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